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  1. Creating a relaxing environment and experience has always been an important bit of what we do, and when we made our original plans a PRS licence (so that we could play music in MOOCH) was top of the list of important things to do.

    The next thing to do was to create the perfect music playlist that would help to create a relaxing ambience where, for a moment, our customers could slow down and take things a bit more slowly.  

    You can follow our playlist on Spotify 


  2. The first weekend was a Bank Holiday, and although the shops were closed we started to generate quite a bit of interest from passers-by. This first weekend was when one of our biggest decisions was made – originally we hadn’t planned to open on Sundays or Bank Holidays, but spending that weekend ‘on the street’ and watching how many folk were about made us realise that just because the other shops weren’t open didn’t mean there was no trade.

    So – when do we open:

    Sunday 11:00 – 16:00 #sundaysonstgilesstreet

    Monday to Saturday 09:00 – 17:30

    Shopping evenings (typically the last Thursday of the month) Open until 8pm

    Bank Holidays 11:00 – 16:00

    While these are our opening hours, we will always be flexible for customers and if someone wants to come before or after hours for a good mooch, we’ll always open for them.

    One other principle that we’ve followed since we opened is that, if we are there, we are open! You can often find us open from 08:30 and until 18:00 … the only exception to this is when there is major work happening (like the window change or works).