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We’ve been a bit remiss of late by not updating the blog. Sorry about that. I’d say that it’s because we’ve been a bit busy; but if you follow us on social media you probably already know that. 

So, what’s happened since we last caught up. Well… our new shop in Bell has been open since the end of August 2018 and it’s going brilliantly. We’ve learned lots of new things and updated some of our thoughts with new ones. Our original plan had been to just lift and shift what we do on St Giles Street and replicate it there; what we actually did is to use the additional shop to add new ranges to our offering, with the added flexibility of having our online offer so that you can buy anything from any shop and have it delivered or click and collect from either shop. Space has always been an issue for us (not having enough of it) so it gives us the opportunity to offer more out of the same space. Our online and telesales business is steadily growing, and in 2019 we hope to grow it even further to complement our high street shops. Much is made of the threat from online to the high street, our view is that it’s something that gives us scope to expand way beyond what traditional bricks and mortar could do for us. It’ll never replace the friendly welcome you get in MOOCH, but it does bring much needed flexibility for everyone to be able to access everything we have to offer at any time, from anywhere.

While we’re talking about space we should move on to the now, and what we’re planning to do next. In short, there are going to be more MOOCHs (two in the next few months in Olney and Towcester). If we’re honest, we’d never anticipated that MOOCH would be a big business, but both Paul and I love hard work and audacious goals … so we just keep stretching ourselves for more. We love it. 

As well as new shops, we’ve looked at lots of options to increase our space on St Giles Street (one day at Christmas we nearly had to briefly close the doors because the shop was actually full). But … after much soul searching, we realised that part of what makes MOOCH special is that it’s intimate and friendly; so, more shops and a wider online offer will enable us to do more in the same small spaces. This way we can introduce new and exciting products that we’ve had to say no to up until now, because there’s simply no room. In the new shops you’ll see more new products complemented by a broader online offering that means that we can bring (almost) the whole range to customers everywhere we operate via click and collect or fast home delivery. And if you see something we’re promoting on social media in one shop, and you’d like us to bring it to the shop nearest you that’s no problem, we’ll make that happen. We love to make our customers happy and we’ll always go the extra mile to let you know how much we value your support. 

The one thing we’ll never do is stand still - always fresh, always new, always unique. For us, there’s no point being the same. The high street needs variety, we want people to come to the towns we're in and have a good mooch around ALL the shops (not just MOOCH) and to be inspired; and we’ll continue to work tirelessly to bring our customers the very best choice and value, all topped off with our super-friendly service.

Finally - keep checking back for updates, we promise to be a bit better at updating the blog :-)

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